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Dental Expert
The Dental Implant center and Digital Dentistry in Minsk
► Dentistry
► Professional hygiene and teeth whitening
► Removal of teeth of any complexity
► Dental implantation
► Increase in bone volume
► All types of prosthetics
► Orthodontics (bite correction)
► Computed tomography (CBCT, 3D), panoramic and dental radiography.
For questions and appointments:
8 029 335-75-50 / 8 017 224-02-24
Monday-Friday: 09: 00 -20: 00
Saturday: 09: 00-15: 00
22 Gorodetskaya str., Minsk
(5 minutes from Uruchye metro station)
Welcome to Dental Expert
Dental Expert clinic in Minsk offers all types of dental care in one place. High quality of treatment, affordable prices and a guarantee of excellent results. By contacting us, you can be sure that you will soon have a beautiful and healthy smile.

We are not just a dental clinic. Dental Expert also includes modern technologies, international standards and treatment protocols, training of doctors in foreign programs, and exchange of experience with colleagues.
The experience of the clinic's doctors is more than 10 years. All our employees have the first or highest category
We use all the most modern methods of treatment and new products in the field of dentistry
Comparable to the cost of similar services in public clinics
Strict control system to ensure patient safety during the appointment
Basic services of Dental Expert
You can view the prices for services by clicking on the " Read more"
Cost of x-ray diagnostics:
Sighting shot - 15 Byn
Orthopantomogram - 15 Byn
3D research the area of the jaw - 45 Byn
Doctors of our clinic
This team will work for your healthy smile:
Khomich Elena Vasilyevna
Highest qualification category
Dentist-therapist, Director
Khomich Stanislav Fadeevich
Highest qualification category
The dentist-orthopedist, implantologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor
Khomich Artemiy Stanislavovich
The first qualification category
Dentist-orthopedist, orthodontist
Birkos Inessa Rafailovna
The first qualification category
Bushmeleva Natalia Aleksandrovna
The first qualification category
Gotovchits Lyudmila Anatolyevna
The first qualification category
Make an appointment for a consultation by phone:

+375 (17) 224-02-24/+375 (29) 335-75-50

A team of qualified specialists will help you understand the state of the oral cavity, identify existing problems and offer solutions.

You can also ask a question or get an initial consultation remotely by filling out the form on the website. Our administrator will contact You and answer all your questions
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We are waiting for You at:
Gorodetskaya str., 22, Minsk (Vivaldi residential complex)
+375 17 224-02-24
+375 29 335-75-50
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